Wednesday, 1 February 2012


What is the problem?
Even though Singapore has an abundant number of rubbish bins, there are still stubborn people who just dislike throwing trash into rubbish bins.
How big is my problem?
My problem is quite big as I can spot rubbish nearly everywhere I go.
How will it impact society?
The society will be more clean and pleasant for eye. Also, there will be lesser work for the cleaners and it will become a loving society.
Why does the problem exist?
Of course it is because of laziness, but I think it is actually extreme laziness as there is really quite a lot of bins everywhere you go. I think it is also because the litter bugs would like get rid of the things that they do not need quickly.
What is the root cause?
I think it is because the parents of the litter bugs did not force the habit of throwing garbage into the bins into them. Hence, they are too lazy to throw the litters away.

Wang Yi Chieh

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