Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Information for Tan Kah Kee Award

Hello Students,

The link for the Tan Kah Kee Award here.

The Rules and Regulations here.
Do explore the 'Past Winners and Winning Projects' to get an idea of the competition standard. 

Interested students (individual or max. group of 3) to email Mr. Hiap to indicate your interest.

Category: Student (under 19 yrs)
Date Due: to be advised (to email Mr. Hiap)

Monday, 6 August 2012

I&E Marketing Proposal (BLACK HOUSE) Lovy Mark Toby Gail Jonathan Wei Siew

Company Name : Oppa

Service Name : Oppa Hair Spa Services

Product description : It is a hair spa service for girls to make their hair silky and smooth~

Target Audience : Girls (all age)

Marketing Proposal Blue House ( Sandy, Mavis, Shawn kit, Yi De and Ryan )

Company Name : UnLimited

Tagline : It's worth sweating for 

Product Name : C.A.P ( Calling all professionals ) 

Product description : Hat that is cool and stylist that it is so worth to be sought for by everyone by going greater heights, thus to sweat for.

Target Audience : Teenagers and young adults

Monday, 30 July 2012

Marketing Project(Ruoyu, Ying Liang, Gladys, Ishani, Jiajun)

Product: Clothes, Fashion
Company Name: ColdHot Fusion Inc.
Tagline: Odorless . Dry . Cool

With the current issue of Climate Change, the temperature is constantly rising. Thus our company will be selling clothes that will fashionable and also comfortable to wear in our current warm climate.

Our target audience will be mainly people in South-East Asia, or where ever the weather is hot and humid. One of our special services will be that our customers will be able to choose the sizes and designs of their t-shirts online.

Website Link: http://coldhotfushion.tumblr.com/

Marketing Project (Nina, Yi Chieh, Kai En, Matthew)

Service: Basketball camp
Company Name: ExcelCamp
Target Audience: Anybody who wants to get better at the sport.
Marketing Technique: Video

Marketing Service (Foot Massage)

Foot plus - It foots so good !

In the future, Singapore is going to face massive population of elderlies. We will have this service in the  MRT and under HDB blocks or maybe food centres. 

Needs - Elderlies will may be tired from a train ride or a walk to MRT or food centre.
Wants - Elderlies will want to have comfort or better services
Demand - There will be a lot of elderlies thus more services.

By : Red House ( Jia Qi , Qian Hui , Abhi , Owen )

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Branding(Yi Chieh, Sandy, Jiajun)

Business: Cafeteria
Brand: Unbound Café (Un bon café)
Tagline: Unbound yourself, have some coffee~
Similar Business: Starbucks
Branding Strategy: The original name of Starbucks was Pequod, from the book Moby-Dick. But this was rejected by its co-founders. Thus, they named their cafe after the coffee-loving chief mate on the Pequod, Starbuck. They sell freshly-brewed coffee and coffee-brewing products. Starbucks' branding strategy is very unique as you rarely see Starbucks advertisements on television or on newspapers. It is so famous because it places a huge emphasis on its coffee quality. It also innovated a lot of different types of coffee.

BRANDING(Matthew, Jonathan, Jia Qi)

BUSINESS: Earpieces and Earphones
TAGLINE: For me and none for you

BRANDING STRATEGY: Using famous artistes to promote

Its products have been primarily manufactured and developed with electronics Monster Cable. Beats primarily relies on celebrity endorsements.

With Monster handling production of the products, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre were now free to handle promoting the new line. Beats would primarily rely on celebrity endorsements, particularly by popular musicians, to help promote market the new line.

HTC acquired a 51% majority share in Beats.This granted HTC exclusive rights to manufacture mobile phones with Beats-branded audio systems,

BRANDING (Owen, Lovy, Toby)

Business: Boutique
Brand: Lovy
Tagline: Lovely fashions for you.
Similar Company: UNIQLO
Branding Strategy: UNQLO stands for Unique Clothing. Their products follow their brand name. Their T-shirts are called UT, short for Unique T-shirts, where as UU stands for Unique Underwear. This gives their product a strong identity. They are a new Japanese Company that offers unisex casual high-quality clothing at reasonable prices for all kinds of people of all ages.

UNIQLO is continuously developing products of exceptional quality, in order to “create clothing with new and unique value and to satisfy customers worldwide.”

UNIQLO is forging ahead with its strategy to open global flagship stores in major cities around the world. New global flagship stores in Taipei, New York Fifth Avenue and Seoul in fall 2011 have successfully boosted UNIQLO's brand appeal in their respective markets.


BRANDING (Chan Shawn Kit, Abhimanyu Arora, Qian Hui)

BUSINESS: Music Company. Trade of DVDs and CDs.
TAGLINE: Tunes 4 you!



• The trademark image comes from a painting by English artist Francis Barraud, A.R.A. and titled His Master's Voice. It was acquired from the artist in 1899 by the newly-formed Gramophone Company which is now the HMV company.

(Quoted from HMV)
• Acknowledging that our core markets for packaged media are changing, rebalancing our store space and range to maximise sales of high-growth portable digital technology products.

• Evolving HMV as a broad-based entertainment brand, by developing our activities in HMV Live, HMV Tickets and 7digital. In our Live venues and festivals we are driving utilisation, occupancy and in-venue spend per head.

• HMV Tickets supports and enhances our venues and festival business and is an attractive partner for promoters of events at third-party venues wishing to sell tickets quickly to our large entertainment customer base.

• HMV is planning a raft of digital marketing initiatives to halt the decline of its struggling high street business.

• HMV is gearing up to launch a six figure campaign to promote its new format technology stores, in a bid to reverse its declining sales in the run up to the Christmas trading period.

Branding (Ng Ying Liang, Wang Ruoyu, Mark Tay Hao Yang

Business: Shoes

Brand: Elinix

Tagline: Magic Does It All/Feel The Magic/Magic At Your Toe Tips

Similar Business: ASICS

Branding Strategy: 
-Onitsuka(Founder of ASICS) became particularly renowned for the Mexico 66 design, in which the distinctive crossed stripes

-ASICS produces professional footwear and sports equipment designed for football, running,netball, tennis, badminton, squash, martial arts, cricket, golf, wrestling, track & field, cross-training, volleyball, cheerleading, lacrosse, and for many other sport disciplines.

-In recent years their running shoes have often been ranked among the top performance footwear in the market

-ASICS introduced a number of high-tech innovations in the 1990's and established itself as a technological leader in the industry: DuoSole, AHAR Hell Plug, Trusstic System, Wet Grip Rubber, RhynoSkin, and DuoMax. In 1994, ASICS introduced the successful GEL-KAYANO which became the benchmark in its class.

Branding (Gladys, Mavis and Ishani)

Business : Food and Beverage
Brand : Donfe
Tagline :The world is so round !
Similar Company : J.Co
Branding Strategy :  Wide range of products sold in the shop to make it a one stop cafe. Interesting names of products and ingredients used are top quality ones that empasises on health. Website of company is appealing to the audience and interesting interface. Promote activities to help the society and enriches children's learning by hosting the J.Co Safari and J.Co reach out.

Website : http://www.jcodonuts.com/

Suggested ideas
F&B - donuts, cafe   - selected
Technology retail store

BRANDING (Wei Siew, Nina)

Business: Computers
Brand: iTurtle
Tagline: Stronger, harder
Similar business: Acer
Branding strategy: 
-being simple and easy to use
-simplify my life through technology
-multi-brand strategy
-avoid brand overlapping and communicate coherently both internally and externally (to employees, the channel, end users and investors)
-communicate with diverse social-demographic groups 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I&E Toby Project (Bus Stopping Device)

I&E Nina Project (Toothpaste Grip)

I&E Ying Liang Project (Modified Seats for Needy in MRT)

I&E Jia Qi Project (Multipurpose Screw-driver)

I&E Owen Project (Bus Stopping Signaller)

I&E Sandy Project (Comband)

I&E Qian Hui Project (Multi-purpose Table Cover)

I&E Mavis Project (Roller Broom)

I&E Ryan Project (Garbage Bin Press)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Important Datelines

9 MARCH : Submit Innovation Report ( jerome_tan@sst.edu.sg)

9 MARCH TO 25 MARCH : 1) Model / Prototype to be done
2) Presentation to be prepared

29 MARCH : Touch up model / prototype , presentation

5 APRIL : Presentation

Thursday, 9 February 2012


What is the problem
People on wheelchairs or walk properly do not have enough facilities when going up or down stairs. Lifts, other than the rare wheelchair-lifts, which is both expensive and not easy to find, are also not suitable for the wheelchair-users.
Of course, it is not possible for wheelchairs to go up or down stairs. Wheelchair lifts are already implemented in many areas, but they are usually only used in official places such as auditoriums and clubhouses. But since many wheelchair users are elderly, they usually do not attend functions or talks. That is why it is more important to implement wheelchair facilities in other places, such as HDB flats and markets. But of course, this would be very expensive if we used wheelchair lifts, or we may even need to build another lift reserved for the wheelchair-users, thus I am looking for an alternative solution. 
How big is your problem?
Worldwide, as there are wheelchair-users all over the world, not only in Singapore. A cheaper alternative can also mean that third and second world countries which are trying to improve their current state can afford it. First world countries will also need this product since they have many tall buildings and flats.
How will it impact society if it is not solved?
There are many wheelchair users in the world. The wheelchair-users will be affected because it will be difficult for them to access places. Many of these wheelchair users may be elderly because as people age, their legs weakens. With the aging population in Singapore, without efficient wheelchair facilities, the elderly population will not have access to many different places.
Why does it exist?
It exists because wheelchair accessibility technology is quite new, thus many other methods or technology that could be of use have not been explored or implemented yet. The widespread use of the wheelchair is also relatively young.
What is the root cause?
The root cause is that there are many people with disabilities in the world. But not many countries think that this is a ‘significant’ problem yet.

By Lam Jiajun


  1. What is your problem?
A typical sst student have to carry its bag up and down 15 flights of stairs on average each day. A school bag usually contains school books, stationary and a learning device which can weigh up to 6kg of weight. It may not be a difficult task for a person who exercise regularly to do so but for a weaker student, it can be considered a quite challenging/tiring thing to do on a daily basis.

2.How big is your problem?
This problem can be considered as a major problem. As carrying a too heavy bag will cause a person to have a slouching position which can cause a hunchback. A hunchback can cause severe pain due to the damaged spine.

3.How will it impact society if it is not solved?
We start lessons early in the morning. We are already having difficulties waking up in the morning and carrying a very heavy school bag up the stairs drain away unnecessary energy. Imagine a facing a lifeless class everyday/most students in a school walking in a slouching position or not having good postures.

4.Why does the problem exist?
When considering the levels that the classrooms should be located at, they did not consider about some points.
-The classrooms are the place where students go the most often everyday
-We need to get to the classroom carrying our learning device which contribute to a great amount of weight to our bag
-The venues, levels and distance between the multi purpose hall and the classroom blocks.

5.What is the root cause?
Students does not pack their bags properly.


  • What is the problem?
people get stuck in a lift and call for help but it takes a long time to get out
  • How big is the problem?
The problem is quite big as most of the times, it takes at least one hour for the residents to realise that they are stuck and go help them, which also takes alot of time.
  • How will it impact society if it is not solved?
Alot of time will be wasted and this might trigger conditions like blood pressure and asthma attacks and might result with death.
  • Why does the problem exist?
The problem exists because till now, no solutions have been come up with and people actually treated this as a small matter till someone actually gets affected greatly by it.

  • What is the root cause?
The root cause is that people can’t open the jammed doors of the lift to get the people out since the doors are jammed/close.

By: Ishani Saha


What is the problem?
The problem that I have identified in the surrounding environment is the black connectors situated beside the chairs in SST are injuring and obstructing to students in the daily life.

How big is the problem?
- All the students in SST would put themselves in danger while they are seating in their classrooms to have their lessons. The chairs with the black connectors are mostly situated in the classrooms in SST new campus. While they slip into their seats or get out of their seats in a hurry, the narrow space in between the chairs and the row of tables behind them would maximize the risk of getting lacerated. The problem will affect anyone who uses the chairs and has skin contact with the black connector.

How will it impact the society if it is not solved?
If the problem is remained unsolved the company producing the chairs will continue to produce more of such chairs. Other organizations or schools will order chairs with the obstructing black connector and maximize the risk of having more people nationally who will get injured and lacerated. If childcare centers order these chairs, young children may play on the chair and get injured or hurt accidentally in other parts of the body like (eyes, arms). If the problem stills goes on, the company will receive more negative complaints about the black connector situated permanently to the side of the chair.

Once the clients of the company who sells the connecting chairs got to know of the problems that it has been causing the problems among the users of the chairs, they would probably not purchase or reject the orders of the connectors chairs in the near future or immediately. This may cause disruptions to the progress in the production in the factory and result in major losses to the selling company.

Why does the problem exist?
The problem exist with people being to rushing and hurrying in their actions that they accidentally brush their body against the sharp edges of the connector while exerting too much of a force. SST students that wears skirt/shorts that exposes the knee part of the body while lifting his/her leg to try to get in the chair. The black connector at the side of the chair is too fat and big which gets in the way of people when they are trying to get on the chair.

What is the root cause?
The root cause is the sharp edges The black connectors bears sharp cutting edges that plastic made items normally do display. Sometimes, part of the black connector has bits of plastic sticking up at the edges of the connector making it sharp, maximizing the chance of someone injuring himself.


What is the problem?:
Problem: people are getting burnt by their cooking stove.

How big is your problem?:
It can be rather big. This problem applies to almost anybody who cooks.

How will it impact society if it is not solved?:
It may cause more people to suffer from burn injuries, the average person gets burnt at least once every month, and over a huge population? A lot of people would get burnt and getting burnt is an unpleasant experience, it also affects productivity.

Why does the problem exist?:
The main reason is of people’s carelessness, they may be thinking of something else, concentrating else where and they get burnt. Even professional chefs at least get burnt once a year.

What is the root cause?:
Heat energy is required to cook, stoves provide the energy and that is what cooks food. However it also harms people if they accidentally expose themselves to it. It happens even on electric stoves when people contact the surface, however there is a lesser chance of getting burnt.



Flagging of buses
What is the problem?
People have been having problems flagging the bus. Thus, the bus driver will either overlook the flagging and go past the bus stop and so the passengers will need to wait for the next service and be late for his job, a student for school, a employee for his job , etc.
How big is your problem?
This has been a problem to people even including myself, a student. Flagging of buses but failed to catch the driver’s attention has been irritating to people which is on a rush and have to wait for the next service of the buses which would make him or her late. Thus, may cause unemployment or even being sacked
How will it affect the society if not solved?
This would make a great impact to the society in terms of economic,unemployment rates and others. Economic could be like more traffic jams which causes a lot of complains from people which they may be late for work, thus working lesser. Another “punishment” for being late would be immediately be sacked, thus if more of these problems happen, unemployment rates would increase really fast. 
Another impact on the society that may be minor but majority makes it very critical impact on the society. An overlook over passengers may cause  traffic jams, overload on buses and a lot of major problems. 
Why does the problem exist? What is the root cause?
The problem exist due to the causes of like driver could not see the people flagging the bus due to a truck or a vehicle blocking the sight and maybe because of the eyesight.

By Owen Ong .


  • What is the problem?
People aren’t able to wake up on time in the mornings and this usually causes further complications.
  • How big is your problem?
Global wide, especially places with people whom lead irregular lifestyles. People who lead irregular lifestyles like sleeping late in the nightand not getting enough sleep usually can’t wake up on time the next day. When people don’t wake up on time, they might be late for school or work and that will cause some implications. Also, if people don’t wake up on time, they might sleep late into the afternoon and would disrupt their lifestyles.
  • How will it impact society if it is not solved?
As more and more people aren’t able to wake up on time, there might be protests and appeal for school or work to start later, and this timings will only be altered freqeuently to solve the problem of having late students/colleagues. Instead of having these timings being pushed back, we should work on solutions on how to wake up on time instead.
  • Why does the problem exist?
Most people who encounter the problem of not being able to wake up on time usually make use of alarm clocks. The problem with alarm clocks is that people tend to turn off the alarm the minute thaty hear it and go back to sleep. The alarm clock won’t ring again thus they usually oversleep. Also, some people might suffer from lack of sleep and might be in a deeper sleep than others, thus it takes more than a really loud alarm clock to wake them up.
  • What is the root cause?
The root cause is that people cannot control themselves espcially in the morning while they are still in a daze and sleepy. Just to get more sleep, some of them turn off the alarm clock and continue sleeping despite the fact that they know they would definitely oversleep. Sometime it couldn’t be helped as it human nature.


What is the problem?
*Although we can use our ears to hear and eyes to see whether a room is quiet and bright enough, it may not be accurate enough, especially when MRTs, cars, motorcycles pass.
*Furthermore, we may also mistaken the brightness of a room. For example, a lightbulb that produces yellow light may seem bright enough to light up a piece of paper, but when measured, it is actually not bright enough. The brightness of the different sitting position could be very different too which may lead some students may have higher risk to have eyesight issue.
*We also need to identify the quality of the learning environment during the different period and location in the school.
How big is your problem?
*The problem may be exists in some area in the school, including offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, study corners, libraries, tables, halls, labs, etc.
* There is no indication and information about such noise level and light level in our school since our facilities are very new.
* There is no information about the noise and light level related to the actual time of the day either.
* There is no reference information for the students to refer to related these levels in our school
How will it impact society if it is not solved?
*It may cause many people not to know that the noise level is unsafe and affect the learning quality and experience. Thus it may causing heart disease, distract you from what you are doing, neurological damage, hypertension, skin rashes and other impact.
* This may also affect the quality of our work, affect the productivity, school learning experience, the lab environment and accuracy etc.
* Over the long team if this is not identified and communicated to the students, there maybe issue related to the eyesight and health.
Why does the problem exist?
* The problem exists because the nature of the environment and actual surrounding area, most people has no idea the impact and also find it troublesome to measure about the brightness and detect the amount of sound in the area before staying there.
*Another reason is because many people are not aware of the harmful effects of unsafe amount of sound and unsafe amount of light.
*The problem also exists because of many people not realising the impact of the difference in sound and light on their health, work, studies during the different period time.
What is the root cause?
* The root cause is that people are not conscious about the dangerous effects of unsafe amount of sound and unsafe amount of light. There is no such accurate information in our learning environment.
* The actual additional noise could be caused by heavy transportation, especially during the peak hours of traffic since the compass is near the main road and MRT track.
* The lack of light could be caused by weather, the time of the day and the actual location.
By Ding Nina Lin

Sunday, 5 February 2012


What is the problem?
It is difficult to put the right amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush when brushing our teeth. We might not be able to aim the toothpaste at the toothbrush properly and the toothpaste would drop on the floor, causing a waste of toothpaste. When we put too much toothpaste on our toothbrush, the toothpaste might slide off the toothbrush and drop on the floor. If we put too little toothpaste on our toothbrush, our teeth would not be cleaned properly.

How big is the problem?
The problem is not very big. Although many people around the world use toothpaste when brushing their teeth, they seldom make mistakes while applying toothpaste to their toothbrush. However, this is still a problem that people might face in their lives and we should try to find a solution for this problem.

How will it impact the society if it is not solved?
If the problem is not solved, it would cause us to spend more money, it is bad for the environment and it would cause us to become more unhygienic.
The toothpaste is an item used everyday and when toothpaste is being wasted, we have to replace our tube of toothbrush more frequently. Since tubes of toothpaste are not free, we would be wasting our money when we waste toothpaste.
When we purchase more tubes of toothpaste, more tubes of toothpaste must be manufactured, causing a waste of the Earth’s resources. Replacing our tubes of toothpaste would also increase the amount of waste disposed.
After wasting money and the Earth’s resources, we might use less toothpaste to avoid wasting or even stop using toothpaste when brushing our teeth. This would cause us to become more unhygienic, spreading diseases and bothering others.
Why does the problem exist?
The problem exists because the surface area of the toothbrush used to brush our teeth is too small. Since the small area allows the toothpaste to reach the crevices between the teeth.
There is uncertainty when the tube of toothpaste is not placed near enough to the toothbrush. The further the tube of toothpaste is from the toothbrush, the greater the risk of the toothpaste missing the toothbrush.

What is the root cause?
We try to prevent the tube of toothpaste from touching the tooth brush to keep the tube of toothpaste clean for other family members to use. This is because we would want to use a clean tube of toothpaste when brushing our teeth. Which is because we want to be hygienic. This is caused by our fear of getting diseases or infections. Therefore, the root cause is that it is expensive to go to the doctors or hospitals to be treated.
By Wei Siew

Friday, 3 February 2012


What is the problem?
The problem I had identified is the reserve seats in the different Mass Rapid Transport(MRT) Cabin. It was introduced so as to allow disabled person,pregnant woman,elderly have a seat during their journey to their destination. Although this is a really great idea,however I think that sometimes it’s of no use. Normally when I take the MRT to school,I will see teens or even students sitting on the reserved seat even though there’s elderly around them. Clearly,we could see that even though it’s called the reserved seat, technically it’s the same as any other seats on the MRT so I think it’s of no use catergorising it as a reserved seat if it doesn’t serve its purpose.
How big is the problem?
This problem has affected other’s view about Singaporean as well as Singaporean raging about this situation. STOMP, a website that people post situations about how inconsiderate people are,weird news etc. has received quite a fair bit of pictures as well as statements on people sitting on the reserved seats and refusing to give up the seats to the people that need it more than them and some situations include a teen refusing to give up his seat(reserved seat) to the elderly even when asked to do so. This has clearly affected what others viewed us as a Singaporean and leave them a bad impression on us.
How will it impact the society?
Since people or tourists think that we are such inconsiderate people because of a minority of people’s actions,they might think that it’s dangerous to come to our country and this will affect the economy of Singapore since Singapore gets most of it’s revenue from tourism and all those Integrated Resorts will be losing business and eventually Singapore will not be as good as it is before.
Why does the problem exist?
This problem exists because, even though it is called the reserved seat,but it is being placed at a location with the normal seats. Also being at the reserved seat,you re able to lean on the glass panel. Since most people leave for the MRT early in the morning, they will be feeling tired and thus they will take a rest on the MRT and use the glass panel beside the reserved seat to lean on. Also,there are no staffs guarding the reserved seats to limit the people sitting on the reserved seats and thus everyone would just sit on it when it is the only empty seat left in the cabin.
What is the root cause of this problem?
Root cause of this problem is the way how SMRT organised the seats in the cabin. Instead of organising the reserved seats together and having a staff being the in charge guarding the seats,they placed it with the normal seats. SO it’s normal that people will take the reserved seats if they are the only seats left and especially when they are traveling long distances.


Thursday, 2 February 2012


Start with a problem statement.
Identify underlying causes (describe different 7-8 perspectives)
Root cause (using ladder of Why's)
Produce solution ideas (individual, different solutions)
Select evaluation criteria
Apply criteria (solution matrix)

PLEASE NOTE: Each group needs to produce a model/prototype/physical product as an end-result.


  • toby gail s201

    • What is the problem?
    The problem identified would be the common singaporean practice to put their bags or belongings, even tissues, to reserve (“chop”) their seats while they buy their food. Many empty tables with packets of tissues lying all over it in a typical food center is a very common sight in Singapore. It is not a practical method to reserve your seat as your belongings might get stolen and a packet of tissue can be easily disposed so others can take your seat. In addition foreigners who do not know our culture will not know the seats are reserved, causing arguments, and leaving negative impressions of Singapore on others.
    • How big is your problem?
    National wide. Reserving of seats with tissues and belongings is seen commonly all over Singapore, in places like food courts. However, Singaporeans which go overseas might also do this as this is a common bad habit that is seen among Singaporeans. This can also apply to some other areas in the world as other people from other countries might also have the same habit of reserving seats with their belongings or tissues.
    • How will it impact society if it is not solved?
    Foreigners might be disturbed as they are not sure of our culture. Singaporeans who go overseas might also offend foreigners. Disputes over tissues as reservation would be unsightly and leave a bad impression of Singapore. There will be many arguments as well, for a tissue is easily disposable and people will quarrel to get the table for themselves. Another problem is that the crime rate for theft might increase if this continues on, when the people go buy their food and leave their belongings behind, the thief can steal right away going unnoticed.
    • Why does the problem exist?
    Singaporeans want to reserve their seats in case someone else takes the empty seat while they are buying their food. There is no alternative other than the cheap and convenient tissues or their belongings to reserve their seats.
    • What is the root cause?
    Singaporeans are “kiasu” and selfish therefore they want to reserve the seat in case when they got their food there are no seats. However, as they are scared that their belongings will be stolen, they resort to tissues. Tissues are cheap and convenient to bring around, thus they use it to reserve seats.

IvP Programme Members


What is innovation? -Ryan,Mark,Kai En, Shawn Kit

Innovation is the process to develop a current item of the present and take it to improve, edit and change into a new product or system, that benefits society in a small to massive scale .

Innovation is like a dough, it can be molded and shaped from an original one into a brand new, refreshing and unexpected outcome that makes sense the moment is fully completed.


5 questions

  1. What is your problem?
  2. How big is your problem?
  3. How will it impact society if it is not solved?
  4. Why does the problem exist?
  5. What is the root cause?

My problem is ACTA(Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). ACTA is a very very very(notice on the emphasis on very) big problem. On the surface, ACTA looked like they’re trying to protect intellectual property, its suppose to prevent people from making fake copies of something. The dictionary says counterfeiting is fraudulent imitation of something else, but when a file is copied on the internet, it is exactly the same as the original, it’s just sharing, and the original file is still there.

They are trying to take over the internet. Although their name is called a ‘Trade Agreement’ but they intend to do more than that. Last year, Singapore’s government signed the treaty with ACTA behind our backs. Deciding laws by themselves. ACTA wants to monitor what we do, and our freedom of speech would be destroyed ultimately. Their aim is to ‘police’ us in every single thing we do online. Not only that, for example, you learn a recipe on how to cook a delicious chicken, and you went home and shared this with your wife, but under ACTA, both of you are now criminals because you shared information free of charge, you may think that no one would know about it since its private at home, but ACTA surveys your communication line as well just in case, so you lose all civil rights and liberties

Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) will be forced to open up and inspect every data package and look for copyrighted information. That means that sending an mp3 file through email, uploading a video using copyrighted music, you’re wrong and you could be fined or sent to prison. You may think this benefits singers, music producers, but they also lose from this, because they’re now held by the same rules. Ideas can no longer be refined any further. This censorship, may cause you to lose your facebook or twitter account.THIS is just a fraction of how big the problem can really impact us. Worse of all, you’ll lose your freedom of speech. So yes, we’re all criminals now. They probably haven’t taken action yet, thats why we’re all still sitting here.

The reason why ACTA exists is very simple, it is created by the people who benefitted from this are the people called the Content Mafia which includes media publishing companies, by solving the internet problems that threaten their business model. The root cause of ACTA, the people who wants to control the internet.

-Yi De-

What is innovation?

Innovation is like finding ways to solve problems, thus creating success in it. An example would maybe be a product, it may be minor, but could solve major problems. The product is difficult to create, but innovation could let us have a way to create it.

Innovation could be described as a basketball. People would try ways just for the ball to enter the hoop. After weeks after weeks, people would create innovative ways for it to enter the hoop awesomely. Like Dunk and Chop.

Jia Qi, Owen and Jonathan


Innovation is to try to be creative and try to create new ideas or improve an existing idea,these ideas have to be accepted by the market.

Innovation is like a myopia. The eye is like the market while the spectacle is your idea. You have to get the  get the correct pairs of spectacles to fit your eye so it means that you have to have the rgith idea which can be accepted by the market:)


What is innovation?

Jiajun, Abhi, Yi De

Innovation is the process by which an idea or invention is translated into a good or service for which people will pay, or something that results from this process.

Innovation is like a projector, where your learning device is a thought or idea. The projector is a process which allows you to implement your idea and show it to the whole world.

What is innovation

Innovation is to think creative and use knowledge and skills to create unique ideas that solve problems which in turn creates change and make things happen in the real world to help people for a better future.

Innovation is a key, it enables you to unlock doors for more opportunities and a better future.
Nina Ishani Toby

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


What is the problem?
Even though Singapore has an abundant number of rubbish bins, there are still stubborn people who just dislike throwing trash into rubbish bins.
How big is my problem?
My problem is quite big as I can spot rubbish nearly everywhere I go.
How will it impact society?
The society will be more clean and pleasant for eye. Also, there will be lesser work for the cleaners and it will become a loving society.
Why does the problem exist?
Of course it is because of laziness, but I think it is actually extreme laziness as there is really quite a lot of bins everywhere you go. I think it is also because the litter bugs would like get rid of the things that they do not need quickly.
What is the root cause?
I think it is because the parents of the litter bugs did not force the habit of throwing garbage into the bins into them. Hence, they are too lazy to throw the litters away.

Wang Yi Chieh

What is Innovation?

Group Members: Sandy, Gladys, Qianhui
What is Innovation: Innovation is like a chameleon. It changes when given different chances like a chameleon changing its color. It is hard to spot too.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I & E Groupings

Group A:
- Sandy Khoo
- Chung Yi De
- Abhimanyu Arora

Group B:
- Chan Shawn Kit
- Lam Jiajun
- Wang Yi Chieh

Group C:
- Owen Ong
- Poon Jia Qi
- Jonathan Foo

Group D:
- Mark Tay
- Wang Ruo Yu
- Ng Ying Liang

Group E:
- Gladys Foo
- Mavis Cheng
- Ishani

Group F:
- Kai En
- Ryan Tan
- Toby Gail

Group E:
- Matthew Yap
- Lovy Lim
- Lee Qian Hui

Group G:
- Nina Ding Lin
- Liew Wei Siew

Tuesday, 3 January 2012