Thursday, 2 February 2012


  • toby gail s201

    • What is the problem?
    The problem identified would be the common singaporean practice to put their bags or belongings, even tissues, to reserve (“chop”) their seats while they buy their food. Many empty tables with packets of tissues lying all over it in a typical food center is a very common sight in Singapore. It is not a practical method to reserve your seat as your belongings might get stolen and a packet of tissue can be easily disposed so others can take your seat. In addition foreigners who do not know our culture will not know the seats are reserved, causing arguments, and leaving negative impressions of Singapore on others.
    • How big is your problem?
    National wide. Reserving of seats with tissues and belongings is seen commonly all over Singapore, in places like food courts. However, Singaporeans which go overseas might also do this as this is a common bad habit that is seen among Singaporeans. This can also apply to some other areas in the world as other people from other countries might also have the same habit of reserving seats with their belongings or tissues.
    • How will it impact society if it is not solved?
    Foreigners might be disturbed as they are not sure of our culture. Singaporeans who go overseas might also offend foreigners. Disputes over tissues as reservation would be unsightly and leave a bad impression of Singapore. There will be many arguments as well, for a tissue is easily disposable and people will quarrel to get the table for themselves. Another problem is that the crime rate for theft might increase if this continues on, when the people go buy their food and leave their belongings behind, the thief can steal right away going unnoticed.
    • Why does the problem exist?
    Singaporeans want to reserve their seats in case someone else takes the empty seat while they are buying their food. There is no alternative other than the cheap and convenient tissues or their belongings to reserve their seats.
    • What is the root cause?
    Singaporeans are “kiasu” and selfish therefore they want to reserve the seat in case when they got their food there are no seats. However, as they are scared that their belongings will be stolen, they resort to tissues. Tissues are cheap and convenient to bring around, thus they use it to reserve seats.

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