Thursday, 9 February 2012


What is the problem?
The problem that I have identified in the surrounding environment is the black connectors situated beside the chairs in SST are injuring and obstructing to students in the daily life.

How big is the problem?
- All the students in SST would put themselves in danger while they are seating in their classrooms to have their lessons. The chairs with the black connectors are mostly situated in the classrooms in SST new campus. While they slip into their seats or get out of their seats in a hurry, the narrow space in between the chairs and the row of tables behind them would maximize the risk of getting lacerated. The problem will affect anyone who uses the chairs and has skin contact with the black connector.

How will it impact the society if it is not solved?
If the problem is remained unsolved the company producing the chairs will continue to produce more of such chairs. Other organizations or schools will order chairs with the obstructing black connector and maximize the risk of having more people nationally who will get injured and lacerated. If childcare centers order these chairs, young children may play on the chair and get injured or hurt accidentally in other parts of the body like (eyes, arms). If the problem stills goes on, the company will receive more negative complaints about the black connector situated permanently to the side of the chair.

Once the clients of the company who sells the connecting chairs got to know of the problems that it has been causing the problems among the users of the chairs, they would probably not purchase or reject the orders of the connectors chairs in the near future or immediately. This may cause disruptions to the progress in the production in the factory and result in major losses to the selling company.

Why does the problem exist?
The problem exist with people being to rushing and hurrying in their actions that they accidentally brush their body against the sharp edges of the connector while exerting too much of a force. SST students that wears skirt/shorts that exposes the knee part of the body while lifting his/her leg to try to get in the chair. The black connector at the side of the chair is too fat and big which gets in the way of people when they are trying to get on the chair.

What is the root cause?
The root cause is the sharp edges The black connectors bears sharp cutting edges that plastic made items normally do display. Sometimes, part of the black connector has bits of plastic sticking up at the edges of the connector making it sharp, maximizing the chance of someone injuring himself.

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