Thursday, 9 February 2012


What is the problem?:
Problem: people are getting burnt by their cooking stove.

How big is your problem?:
It can be rather big. This problem applies to almost anybody who cooks.

How will it impact society if it is not solved?:
It may cause more people to suffer from burn injuries, the average person gets burnt at least once every month, and over a huge population? A lot of people would get burnt and getting burnt is an unpleasant experience, it also affects productivity.

Why does the problem exist?:
The main reason is of people’s carelessness, they may be thinking of something else, concentrating else where and they get burnt. Even professional chefs at least get burnt once a year.

What is the root cause?:
Heat energy is required to cook, stoves provide the energy and that is what cooks food. However it also harms people if they accidentally expose themselves to it. It happens even on electric stoves when people contact the surface, however there is a lesser chance of getting burnt.


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