Thursday, 9 February 2012


What is the problem?
*Although we can use our ears to hear and eyes to see whether a room is quiet and bright enough, it may not be accurate enough, especially when MRTs, cars, motorcycles pass.
*Furthermore, we may also mistaken the brightness of a room. For example, a lightbulb that produces yellow light may seem bright enough to light up a piece of paper, but when measured, it is actually not bright enough. The brightness of the different sitting position could be very different too which may lead some students may have higher risk to have eyesight issue.
*We also need to identify the quality of the learning environment during the different period and location in the school.
How big is your problem?
*The problem may be exists in some area in the school, including offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, study corners, libraries, tables, halls, labs, etc.
* There is no indication and information about such noise level and light level in our school since our facilities are very new.
* There is no information about the noise and light level related to the actual time of the day either.
* There is no reference information for the students to refer to related these levels in our school
How will it impact society if it is not solved?
*It may cause many people not to know that the noise level is unsafe and affect the learning quality and experience. Thus it may causing heart disease, distract you from what you are doing, neurological damage, hypertension, skin rashes and other impact.
* This may also affect the quality of our work, affect the productivity, school learning experience, the lab environment and accuracy etc.
* Over the long team if this is not identified and communicated to the students, there maybe issue related to the eyesight and health.
Why does the problem exist?
* The problem exists because the nature of the environment and actual surrounding area, most people has no idea the impact and also find it troublesome to measure about the brightness and detect the amount of sound in the area before staying there.
*Another reason is because many people are not aware of the harmful effects of unsafe amount of sound and unsafe amount of light.
*The problem also exists because of many people not realising the impact of the difference in sound and light on their health, work, studies during the different period time.
What is the root cause?
* The root cause is that people are not conscious about the dangerous effects of unsafe amount of sound and unsafe amount of light. There is no such accurate information in our learning environment.
* The actual additional noise could be caused by heavy transportation, especially during the peak hours of traffic since the compass is near the main road and MRT track.
* The lack of light could be caused by weather, the time of the day and the actual location.
By Ding Nina Lin

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