Sunday, 5 February 2012


What is the problem?
It is difficult to put the right amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush when brushing our teeth. We might not be able to aim the toothpaste at the toothbrush properly and the toothpaste would drop on the floor, causing a waste of toothpaste. When we put too much toothpaste on our toothbrush, the toothpaste might slide off the toothbrush and drop on the floor. If we put too little toothpaste on our toothbrush, our teeth would not be cleaned properly.

How big is the problem?
The problem is not very big. Although many people around the world use toothpaste when brushing their teeth, they seldom make mistakes while applying toothpaste to their toothbrush. However, this is still a problem that people might face in their lives and we should try to find a solution for this problem.

How will it impact the society if it is not solved?
If the problem is not solved, it would cause us to spend more money, it is bad for the environment and it would cause us to become more unhygienic.
The toothpaste is an item used everyday and when toothpaste is being wasted, we have to replace our tube of toothbrush more frequently. Since tubes of toothpaste are not free, we would be wasting our money when we waste toothpaste.
When we purchase more tubes of toothpaste, more tubes of toothpaste must be manufactured, causing a waste of the Earth’s resources. Replacing our tubes of toothpaste would also increase the amount of waste disposed.
After wasting money and the Earth’s resources, we might use less toothpaste to avoid wasting or even stop using toothpaste when brushing our teeth. This would cause us to become more unhygienic, spreading diseases and bothering others.
Why does the problem exist?
The problem exists because the surface area of the toothbrush used to brush our teeth is too small. Since the small area allows the toothpaste to reach the crevices between the teeth.
There is uncertainty when the tube of toothpaste is not placed near enough to the toothbrush. The further the tube of toothpaste is from the toothbrush, the greater the risk of the toothpaste missing the toothbrush.

What is the root cause?
We try to prevent the tube of toothpaste from touching the tooth brush to keep the tube of toothpaste clean for other family members to use. This is because we would want to use a clean tube of toothpaste when brushing our teeth. Which is because we want to be hygienic. This is caused by our fear of getting diseases or infections. Therefore, the root cause is that it is expensive to go to the doctors or hospitals to be treated.
By Wei Siew

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