Thursday, 9 February 2012


  1. What is your problem?
A typical sst student have to carry its bag up and down 15 flights of stairs on average each day. A school bag usually contains school books, stationary and a learning device which can weigh up to 6kg of weight. It may not be a difficult task for a person who exercise regularly to do so but for a weaker student, it can be considered a quite challenging/tiring thing to do on a daily basis.

2.How big is your problem?
This problem can be considered as a major problem. As carrying a too heavy bag will cause a person to have a slouching position which can cause a hunchback. A hunchback can cause severe pain due to the damaged spine.

3.How will it impact society if it is not solved?
We start lessons early in the morning. We are already having difficulties waking up in the morning and carrying a very heavy school bag up the stairs drain away unnecessary energy. Imagine a facing a lifeless class everyday/most students in a school walking in a slouching position or not having good postures.

4.Why does the problem exist?
When considering the levels that the classrooms should be located at, they did not consider about some points.
-The classrooms are the place where students go the most often everyday
-We need to get to the classroom carrying our learning device which contribute to a great amount of weight to our bag
-The venues, levels and distance between the multi purpose hall and the classroom blocks.

5.What is the root cause?
Students does not pack their bags properly.

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