Thursday, 9 February 2012


What is the problem
People on wheelchairs or walk properly do not have enough facilities when going up or down stairs. Lifts, other than the rare wheelchair-lifts, which is both expensive and not easy to find, are also not suitable for the wheelchair-users.
Of course, it is not possible for wheelchairs to go up or down stairs. Wheelchair lifts are already implemented in many areas, but they are usually only used in official places such as auditoriums and clubhouses. But since many wheelchair users are elderly, they usually do not attend functions or talks. That is why it is more important to implement wheelchair facilities in other places, such as HDB flats and markets. But of course, this would be very expensive if we used wheelchair lifts, or we may even need to build another lift reserved for the wheelchair-users, thus I am looking for an alternative solution. 
How big is your problem?
Worldwide, as there are wheelchair-users all over the world, not only in Singapore. A cheaper alternative can also mean that third and second world countries which are trying to improve their current state can afford it. First world countries will also need this product since they have many tall buildings and flats.
How will it impact society if it is not solved?
There are many wheelchair users in the world. The wheelchair-users will be affected because it will be difficult for them to access places. Many of these wheelchair users may be elderly because as people age, their legs weakens. With the aging population in Singapore, without efficient wheelchair facilities, the elderly population will not have access to many different places.
Why does it exist?
It exists because wheelchair accessibility technology is quite new, thus many other methods or technology that could be of use have not been explored or implemented yet. The widespread use of the wheelchair is also relatively young.
What is the root cause?
The root cause is that there are many people with disabilities in the world. But not many countries think that this is a ‘significant’ problem yet.

By Lam Jiajun

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