Thursday, 9 February 2012


Flagging of buses
What is the problem?
People have been having problems flagging the bus. Thus, the bus driver will either overlook the flagging and go past the bus stop and so the passengers will need to wait for the next service and be late for his job, a student for school, a employee for his job , etc.
How big is your problem?
This has been a problem to people even including myself, a student. Flagging of buses but failed to catch the driver’s attention has been irritating to people which is on a rush and have to wait for the next service of the buses which would make him or her late. Thus, may cause unemployment or even being sacked
How will it affect the society if not solved?
This would make a great impact to the society in terms of economic,unemployment rates and others. Economic could be like more traffic jams which causes a lot of complains from people which they may be late for work, thus working lesser. Another “punishment” for being late would be immediately be sacked, thus if more of these problems happen, unemployment rates would increase really fast. 
Another impact on the society that may be minor but majority makes it very critical impact on the society. An overlook over passengers may cause  traffic jams, overload on buses and a lot of major problems. 
Why does the problem exist? What is the root cause?
The problem exist due to the causes of like driver could not see the people flagging the bus due to a truck or a vehicle blocking the sight and maybe because of the eyesight.

By Owen Ong .

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