Friday, 3 February 2012


What is the problem?
The problem I had identified is the reserve seats in the different Mass Rapid Transport(MRT) Cabin. It was introduced so as to allow disabled person,pregnant woman,elderly have a seat during their journey to their destination. Although this is a really great idea,however I think that sometimes it’s of no use. Normally when I take the MRT to school,I will see teens or even students sitting on the reserved seat even though there’s elderly around them. Clearly,we could see that even though it’s called the reserved seat, technically it’s the same as any other seats on the MRT so I think it’s of no use catergorising it as a reserved seat if it doesn’t serve its purpose.
How big is the problem?
This problem has affected other’s view about Singaporean as well as Singaporean raging about this situation. STOMP, a website that people post situations about how inconsiderate people are,weird news etc. has received quite a fair bit of pictures as well as statements on people sitting on the reserved seats and refusing to give up the seats to the people that need it more than them and some situations include a teen refusing to give up his seat(reserved seat) to the elderly even when asked to do so. This has clearly affected what others viewed us as a Singaporean and leave them a bad impression on us.
How will it impact the society?
Since people or tourists think that we are such inconsiderate people because of a minority of people’s actions,they might think that it’s dangerous to come to our country and this will affect the economy of Singapore since Singapore gets most of it’s revenue from tourism and all those Integrated Resorts will be losing business and eventually Singapore will not be as good as it is before.
Why does the problem exist?
This problem exists because, even though it is called the reserved seat,but it is being placed at a location with the normal seats. Also being at the reserved seat,you re able to lean on the glass panel. Since most people leave for the MRT early in the morning, they will be feeling tired and thus they will take a rest on the MRT and use the glass panel beside the reserved seat to lean on. Also,there are no staffs guarding the reserved seats to limit the people sitting on the reserved seats and thus everyone would just sit on it when it is the only empty seat left in the cabin.
What is the root cause of this problem?
Root cause of this problem is the way how SMRT organised the seats in the cabin. Instead of organising the reserved seats together and having a staff being the in charge guarding the seats,they placed it with the normal seats. SO it’s normal that people will take the reserved seats if they are the only seats left and especially when they are traveling long distances.


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