Thursday, 26 April 2012

BRANDING (Chan Shawn Kit, Abhimanyu Arora, Qian Hui)

BUSINESS: Music Company. Trade of DVDs and CDs.
TAGLINE: Tunes 4 you!



• The trademark image comes from a painting by English artist Francis Barraud, A.R.A. and titled His Master's Voice. It was acquired from the artist in 1899 by the newly-formed Gramophone Company which is now the HMV company.

(Quoted from HMV)
• Acknowledging that our core markets for packaged media are changing, rebalancing our store space and range to maximise sales of high-growth portable digital technology products.

• Evolving HMV as a broad-based entertainment brand, by developing our activities in HMV Live, HMV Tickets and 7digital. In our Live venues and festivals we are driving utilisation, occupancy and in-venue spend per head.

• HMV Tickets supports and enhances our venues and festival business and is an attractive partner for promoters of events at third-party venues wishing to sell tickets quickly to our large entertainment customer base.

• HMV is planning a raft of digital marketing initiatives to halt the decline of its struggling high street business.

• HMV is gearing up to launch a six figure campaign to promote its new format technology stores, in a bid to reverse its declining sales in the run up to the Christmas trading period.

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