Thursday, 26 April 2012

BRANDING (Owen, Lovy, Toby)

Business: Boutique
Brand: Lovy
Tagline: Lovely fashions for you.
Similar Company: UNIQLO
Branding Strategy: UNQLO stands for Unique Clothing. Their products follow their brand name. Their T-shirts are called UT, short for Unique T-shirts, where as UU stands for Unique Underwear. This gives their product a strong identity. They are a new Japanese Company that offers unisex casual high-quality clothing at reasonable prices for all kinds of people of all ages.

UNIQLO is continuously developing products of exceptional quality, in order to “create clothing with new and unique value and to satisfy customers worldwide.”

UNIQLO is forging ahead with its strategy to open global flagship stores in major cities around the world. New global flagship stores in Taipei, New York Fifth Avenue and Seoul in fall 2011 have successfully boosted UNIQLO's brand appeal in their respective markets. 

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